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Q: I'm accepted and have been working on my enrollment steps - when should I complete my FAFSA?

A: Now! The 2020-2021 (for Summer 2021 financial aid) and 2021-2022 (for Fall 2021 & Spring/Summer 2022 financial aid) FAFSAs are available to complete now, and they can take some time to process.

And the FAFSA isn't just used to determine federal student aid, we use it to determine your eligibility for scholarships, too (FYI: the application for scholarships is also open now!).

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Congrats, Buccaneer!

Congratulations! We are so excited to welcome you to the FSW Buccaneer family.

If you have received your acceptance email from FSW, that means we have received and processed your high school transcript or GED, but there's just a little bit more we need from you before you start your first semester as a Buccaneer. Review the steps below and click to learn more!

So... Are you ready to get started?

Important Announcements

Summer & Fall 2021 Students

Registration is now open!

Make sure you follow the steps below to keep on top of everything you need to do to start classes!

Scholarship money is still available for Fall 2021! Complete your FAFSA and scholarship application ASAP!

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 Your FSW Student Portal at is your gateway to all things FSW and gives you access to your Bucs email (, financial aid information, online courses, class registration, the on-campus housing application, and more! Just click "New User" at and follow the instructions to set up your Portal.

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 In-state tuition, otherwise known as "Florida Residency for Tuition Purposes," is for applicants who have lived in Florida for at least 12 months before they start classes (see our Florida Residency page for other qualifications) and lowers tuition costs substantially. 

You will not be automatically granted in-state tuition. You must submit a form and documentation if you think you qualify. 

See the "Complete Residency Form" section in "Review Your Enrollment Steps" for how to check the status of a completed form.

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 Want to be like one of the 7 out of 10 students that graduate from FSW debt free? The first step is applying for financial aid and scholarships! 

1. Complete the FAFSA (FSW Code: 001477)

The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is used to determine if you qualify for federal aid to help you pay for college. Processing once you have submitted your FAFSA can take 6 to 8 weeks, and additional documents may be required after you complete it (updates will be sent to your Bucs email), so make sure to submit soon using the FSW School Code 001477. 

2. Complete the FSW Scholarship Application

Apply as soon as possible to qualify for need and merit based scholarships sponsored by FSW! A completed FAFSA is required to qualify.

Find more information on our Ways to Afford and Pay For College page! 

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 You won't be able to register for classes until you complete all of your enrollment steps!

 Find Your Enrollment Steps (Holds) 

Login to your FSW Student Portal and click the "Student Academics" tab followed by "View Holds" ("View Holds" instructional video). 

Most students need only what is listed below, but as the semester approaches, keep an eye on the email address you provided on your admissions application for specific instructions regarding your next steps in February/March (Summer or Fall Students) or October (Spring Students).

Note: Dual enrolled, international, bachelor's degree, and transient students will have different steps. Click these student types on for more.

Complete Residency Form (Residency Documentation Hold)

This hold is just a reminder to submit residency paperwork for discounted tuition as a Florida resident or to acknowledge acceptance of out-of-state tuition. It will not prevent class registration. If you submit the correct documentation, the hold will be removed. If you submitted more than 7 days ago and the hold hasn't been removed, check for an email from "" (sent to the email address you used on the form) informing you of further action required.

Complete Online Orientation (Orientation Hold)

All First-Time in College students are required to complete Orientation. First-Time in College includes incoming freshmen and any graduating high school senior with previous dual enrollment credit from FSW. Orientation is completed online through Canvas.  All required students receive access to online orientation upon admission to FSW and will receive instructions to the email provided on their admissions application and Bucs email address once the orientation becomes available. 

Students must complete all 3 modules and quizzes and will need to score 80% or better on each quiz in order to advance to the next module.

Upon completion of Online Orientation, a student’s Orientation hold will be released. Students may also attend FSW Welcome Events.  RSVP and more information will be sent through email.

Submit Your Transcripts (High School Transcript or College Transcript Holds)
Show College-Readiness (Assessment Hold)

If you have an "Assessment" hold, you will need to prove college-readiness through college-level SAT/ACT scores, prior college coursework, or placement testing. This information is used to determine the English, math and reading courses you will take to help you achieve academic success.

Attend an Advising Session (Advising Hold)
  • First Time in College Students: Once you have no other holds that will prevent registration, you will receive an email to schedule your advising session (via the email address you provided on your admissions application and your Bucs email account). 
  • Transfer and Readmit Students: Once you have no other holds that will prevent registration, you can schedule an appointment with your advisor in your FSW Student Portal. You will be able to register for classes at the end of your appointment.
Have other holds not listed here? 

Visit to find what they mean and what you may need to do to resolve them to move on to your Advising Session.

Applying to a limited access Health Profession program?

Many limited access programs in the School of Health Professions have a program application and additional steps that must be completed in addition to the college enrollment requirements. Visit your program's page for more information.

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Check Your Personal and Bucs Emails

Before you begin classes, some information will be sent to your personal email (the email address you provided on your admissions application) with the exception of financial aid and housing information which will be sent to your Bucs email. Your Bucs email address can be found in your FSW Student Portal and will be used to communicate with you throughout your time as an FSW Buccaneer.

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Paying Your Bill

We've already talked about in-state tuition as well as completing the FAFSA and scholarship applications, but more information on payment options such as Florida Pre-paid and Veterans Benefits can be found on our Paying for College page. Important dates & deadlines for payment can be found below.

Summer Dates & Deadlines
  • May 4: Tuition and Fees Due for Classes Starting in May
  • May 11: Last day to sign up for the Tuition Installment Plan (TIP) with 25% down payment*
  • June 16: Tuition and Fees Due for Classes Starting in June
Fall Dates & Deadlines

*TIP allows you to pay for your classes over time rather than all at once, upfront.

Important Deadlines (Summer 2021)

Important Deadlines (Fall 2021 - Summer 2022)

Technology Semester Startup Checklist

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On-Campus Housing

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Student Engagement (Clubs & Orgs)

Cheer on the Bucs (Athletics)

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